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Ovation Floor

The Unique Oval Shape gives you more space than the traditional cylinder

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ModelOutside Top LengthOutside Top WidthOutside Side HeightOutside Front HeightOutside Bottom LengthOutside Bottom WidthInside Top LengthInside Top Width Grow Pot 
OVA-0906079.3"6"6.6"6"5.9"3.8"8.4"5.3" 4"
OVA-13091013.3"8.6"9.5"8.6"8.5"5.5"12.1"7.6" 6"
OVA-19131419.5"12.6"13.9"12.6"12.4"8"17.7"11.1" 10"
OVA-27181927.2"17.6"19.4"17.6"17.3"11.2"24.7"15.6" 14"

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