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Earth Walls

Fiberglass -IN STOCK & Available for Special Orders-

Great dividers and wall decoration

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Earth Walls
ModelOutside Length Outside Width Outside
Base Length Base
Inside Length Inside Width Inside Height Grow Pot Possibilities ASI Sub-Irrigation
ETHW-361416     36"14"16"35.8"13.8"34"12"14"10"x3, 8"x4, 6"x5SUB-06, 08, 10
ETHW-36142436"14"24"35.6"13.7"34"12"22"10"x3, 8"x4, 6"x5SUB-06, 08, 10
ETHW-36143636"14"36"35.6"13.7"33.4"11.5"12.5"10"x3, 8"x4, 6"x5SUB-06, 08, 10
ETHW-48161648"16.5"16"47.7"16.3"46"14.5"14"10"x4, 12"x3, 14"x3SUB-10, 12, 14
ETHW-48162448"16.5"24"47.5"16.2"46"14.5"22"10"x4, 12"x3, 14"x3SUB-10, 12, 14
ETHW-48163648"16.5"36"47.5"16.2"45.7"14.2"16"10"x4, 12"x3, 14"x3SUB-10, 12, 14
ETHW-48242448"24"24"47.5"23.6"44"20"21"14"x3, 17"x2SUB-14, 17

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